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Famous Witch or Wizard Cards

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Here you will find the names of some very famous Witches and Wizards.

This info is gathered from the Harry Potter Video Games .
Props to Warner Brothers, EA Games, and Playstation2

Grogan Stump:

1770 – 1884

Minister of magic 1811

Glanmore Peakes:

1677 – 1761

Slayer of the Sea Serpent Cromer

Derwent Shimpling:

1912 – present

On a bet, he ate an entire Venomous Tentacula, and lived…but is still purple.

Gunhilda of Gorsemoor:

1556 – 1639

Developed the cure for Dragon Pox

Burdock Muldoon:


Chief of the Wizard’s Council from 1448-1450

Herpo the Foul:

Ancient Greek

First creator of the Basilisk

Merwyn the Malicious:

Medieval, dates unknown

Inventor of many unpleasant jinxes and hexes

Andros the Invincible:

 Ancient Greek

Allegedly produced a Patronous the size of a giant.

Morgan le Fay:

Medieval, dates unknown

King Arthur’s half sister. Dark sorceress. Enemy of Merlin.

Uric the Oddball:

Medieval, dates unknown

Highly eccentric wizard who is famed, among other things, for wearing a jellyfish for a hat.

Newt Scamander:

1897 - present

Author of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"

Lord Stoddard Withers:

1672 – 1769

Breeder of flying horses.


Ancient Greek

Turned lost sailors into pigs

Glenda Chittock:

1964 – present

Presenter of the W.W.N (Wizarding Wireless Network) program: Witching Hour.

Adalbert Waffling:

1899 – 1981

Famous magical theoretician

Mirabella Plunkett:

1839 – unknown

Fell in love with a merman in Loch Lomond while on holiday. She transfigured herself into a haddock when her parents forbade her to marry him and was never seen again.

Joscelind Wadcock:

1911 – present

Chaser for Puddlemere United Quidditch Team.

Cassandra Vablatsky:

1894 – 1997

A Seer and author of "Unfogging the Future"

Chauncy Oldridge:

1342 – 1379

First known victim of Dragon Pox.

Godric Gryffindor:

Medieval, dates unknown

Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave his name to one of the four houses.

Devlin Whitehorn:

 1945 – present

Founder of the Nimbus racing Broom Company.

Dunbar Oglethorpe:

1968 – present

Chief of Q.U.A.B.B.L.E.

(Quidditch Union for the Administration of Betterment of the British League and its Endeavors.)

Edgar Stroulger:

1703 – 1798

Inventor of the Sneakoscope.

Felix Summerbee:

1447 – 1508

Inventor of Cheering Charms

Ignatia Wildsmith:

1227 – 1320

Inventor of Floo Powder.

Herman Wintringham:

1974 – present

Plays lute for the Weird Sisters

Jocunda Sykes:

1913 – present

Flew across the Atlantic on a broomstick. The first person to do so.

Flavius Belby:


Only person to survive a Lethifold attack.

Kirley Duke:

1971 – present

Plays lead guitar for The Weird Sisters

Bertie Bott:

1935 – present

Inventor of Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans.

Queen Maeve:

Medieval, dates unknown

Legendary witch who trained young sorcerers in Ireland prior to the establishment of Hogwarts.


Ancient Greek

Soothsayer who vanquished the Seer Calchas in a contest of their powers.

Montague Knightly:

1506 – 1588

Wizard Chess Champion

Mungo Bonham:

1560 – 1639

Founded Saint Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Ailments and Maladies

Also a Healer himself.

Orsino Thruston:

1976 – present

Drummer for the Weird Sisters

Quong Po:

1443 – 1539

Chinese Wizard who found uses of the powdered Fireball Eggs.

Rowena Ravenclaw:

Medieval, dates unknown

Like Godric Gryffindor, she was a co-founder of Hogwarts School and gave her name to one of the four houses.

Roderick Plumpton:

1889 – 1987

Seeker for England’s Quidditch Team. Holds the record for the fastest capture of the Snitch. 3 seconds.

Dorcus Wellbeloved:

1812 – 1904

Founder of the Society for Distressed Witches

Celestina Warbeck:

1917 – present

Popular singing sorceress

Heathcote Barbary:

1974 – present

Rhythm guitarist for The Weird Sisters

Alberic Grunnion:

1803 – 1882

Inventor of the Dungbomb

Dymphna Furmage:

1612 – 1698

Abducted by Pixies while on holiday in Cornwall, and lived in mortal dread of them thereafter. Failed to persuade the Ministry to have all pixies humanely destroyed.

Daisy Dodderidge:

1467 – 1555

First LandLady of the Leaky Cauldron.

Miranda Goshank:

1921 – present

Famous Spell Book Writer

Glover Hipworth:

1742 – 1805

Inventor of the Pepperup Potion, cure for the common cold.

Wilfred Elphlck:

1112 – 1199

First wizard to be gored by an African Erumpant.

Hengist of Woodcroft:

Medieval, dates unknown

Founder of Hogsmeade. The Three Broomsticks is rumored to be his old home.

Almerick Sawbridge:

1602 – 1699

Conqueror of the largest ever-recorded River Troll (1 ton) in Britain.

Salazar Slytherin:

Medieval, dates unknown

Co-founder of Hogwarts School. Gave his name to one of the four houses. Parselmouth, and very bad!

Gifford Ollerton:

1390 – 1441

Famous Giant Slayer. Killed the Giant Hengist of Upper Barnton

Thaddeus Thurkell

1632 – 1692

Fathered 7 Squib sons, and turned them all into Hedgehogs in disgust

Carlotta Pinkstone

1922 – present

Campaigner for the lifting of the International Confederation of Wizard’s Statute of Secrecy. She has been imprisoned many times for her blatant use of magic in public places.

Musidora Barkwith

1520 – 1666

Composer of the unfinished Wizarding Suite, which features an exploding tuba. Its performance has been banned since its last performance in 1902, when it blew the roof off Ackerly Town Hall.

Merton Graves

1978 – present

Plays Cello for the Weird Sisters

Bowman Wright

1492 – 1560

Developed the Golden Snitch

Perpetua Fancourt

1900 – 1991

Inventor of the Lunascope


Medieval, dates unknown

Most famous wizard of all time. Part of the court of King Arthur

Cornelius Agrippa

1486 – 1535

Wizard Imprisoned by the non-magical for his writings.

Elfrida Clagg

1612 – 1687

Chieftainess of the Warlock’s council

Gulliver Pokeby

1730 – 1839

Expert of Magical birds. First to identify the meaning of the Augurey song.

Hesper Starkey

1881 – 1973

Witch who studied the use of the phases of the moon in potion making.

Fulbert the Fearful

1014 – 1097

So cowardly he never ventured out of his house. Died when a defensive charm backfired and the roof fell in.


1493 – 1541

Renowned physician, alchemist and surgeon.


Medieval, dates unknown

Irish Druidiss who discovered the properties of Moondew

Wendelin the Weird

Medieval, dates unknown.

Alleged to have enjoyed being burnt at the stake so much that she allowed herself to be captured 14 times in various disguises.

Tilly Toke

1903 – 1991

Gained the Order of Merlin 1st class for saving the lives of non-magical tourists during the Ilfrancombe Incident of 1932, when a dragon swooped down on a beach full of sunbathers.

Archibald Alderton:

1568 – 1623

Blew up the hamlet of Little Dropping in Hampshire while attempting to magically mix a birthday cake.

Artemisia Lufkin:

1754 - 1825

First witch to become Minister of Magic

Balfour Blane

1566 – 1629

Est. the committee on Experimental Charms

Bridget Wenlock

1202 – 1285

Famous Arithmancer. First to discover the magical properties of the number seven.

Beaumont Marjoribanks

1742 – 1845

Pioneer of Herbology and collector of many rare and magical flowers. Discovered Gillyweed

Donaghan Tremlett:

1972 – present

Bass player for the Weird Sisters

Gwenog Jones

1968 – present

Captain and Beater of the only all-female national Quidditch Team, the Holyhead Harpies.

Crispin Cronk

1795 – 1872

Sent to Azkaban for keeping Sphinxes in his back yard despite repeated warnings.

Cyprian Youdle

1312 – 1357

The only Quidditch referee to die during a match. The originator of the curse was never caught.

Elladora Ketteridge

1636 – 1729

Witch who discovered the use of Gillyweed when she nearly suffocated after eating it and recovered only when she stuck her head in a bucket of water.

Ethelred the Ever-Ready

Medieval, dates unknown.

Famous for taking offense at nothing and cursing innocent bystanders. Died in jail.

Greta Catchlove

1960 – present

Author of Charm your Own Cheese

Gaspard Shingleton

1959 – present

Inventor of the self stirring cauldron.

Honoria Nutcombe:

1665 – 1743

Founded the Society for the Reformation of Hags.

Gideon Crumb

1975 – present

Plays the bagpipes for the Weird Sisters

Gregory the Smarmy

Medieval, dates unknown

Creator of Gregory’s Unctuous Unction-potion which made the drinker believe that the giver is their best friend.

Laverne de Montmorency

1823 – 1893

Inventor of many love potions

Havelock Sweeting

1634 – 1710

Unicorn expert who set up Unicorn reservations all throughout Britain

Godoline Oliphant

1720 – 1799

Studied life and habits of Trolls. Clubbed to death in Cotswolds while sketching.

Justus Pilliwickle

1862 – 1953

Celebrated Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Leopoldina Smelthwyck

1829 – 1910

First British witch to referee a Quidditch match

Helga Hufflepuff.

Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gaver her name to one of the 4 houses.

Myron Wagtail

1970 – present

Lead singer of the Weird Sisters

Norvel Twonk

1888 – 1957

Died saving a non-magical child from a runaway manticore. Posthumously awarded the Order of Merlin First Class.

Oswald Beamish

1830 – 1932

Pioneer of Goblin Rights

Beatrix Bloxam

1794 – 1810

Author of the Toadstool Tales. Banned because they caused nausea and vomiting.

Roland Kegg

1903 – present

President of England’s Gobstones Team

Blenheim Stalk

1920 – present

Expert of the non-magical and author of many books including "People Who Notice," a study of awareness of magic in the non-magical.

Alberta Toothill

1391 – 1483

Winner of the All-England Wizarding Dueling Competition of 1430. Famously overcame the favorite, Samson Wiblin, with a blasting curse.

Sacharissa Tugwood

1874 – 1966

Pioneer of beautifying potions. Discovered pimple curing properties of Bubotuber pus.

Xavier Ratrick

1750 – 1836

Wizard entertainer who vanished while tap dancing to a crowd of 300 in Painswick and was never seen again.

Yardley Platt

1446 – 1557

Serial Goblin Killer

Harry Potter


The Boy Who Lived and conquered Lord Voldemorte.  He is currently the head of the Auror Department at the reformed Ministry of Magic.


Albus Dumbledore

Famous for many reasons including his defeat of Grindlewald in 1945, for the discovery of the 12 uses of dragons blood, and for his work on alchemy with his partner Nicolas Flamel.

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