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DIVINATION- Cast Yourself Into the Future!
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Well, we've reached the end of an era friends.  No more HP books.  Congrats to those who had the good predictions, and sorry to those who's didn't pan out.  It's been a long ride and frankly, an up and down one as well.  We have JKR to thank for hours of speculation that still continues... and many many many tears, laughs and fear.

Love truely is the greatest power in the world.

Likely Lovers
Ginny/Harry together
Ron/Hermione together
Neville/Luna together


Regulus ______ Black


Locket: Number 12 Grimmauld place. See OoTP pg 116
Cup: Don't know yet.
Snake:  Obviously with Voldemorte
Something of Gryffindor or Ravenclaw's: Possibly a descendant...Nagini is alive and vulnerable, so maybe he put part of himself into a living descendant of one of them.

Who Wins in the end?!?!

Possible Foreshadowing of Harry's success in the final battle is in Sorcerer's Stone. Page 262 1st paragraph.
"In years to come, Harry would never quite remember how he had managed to get through his exams when he half expected Voldemorte to come bursting through the door at any moment."
This might be reaching, but why would she put years to come and not months or days if it didn't mean anything?


I bet Percy knew that Scabbers was Peter Pettigrew when he was his pet mouse, and he was making sure Scabbers was kept in his family to spy for Voldemorte!

Las Vegas
Shared Harry Prediction:
Shared between Me and Hope
Harry will defeat Voldemorte, and return to Hogwarts to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts
Las Vegas
Snape Theory
He is NOT evil
Lisa's addition to this theory: Snape could have killed Harry at any point at the end of HBP. He was giving him advice instead.  Snape was not just being a model Deatheater by telling the others not to kill him.  Was it stated in HBP that Voldemorte told all of them not to touch Harry? I can't remember, but if he only "told" Snape, maybe Snape was lying. Would Voldemorte REALLY want to face Harry? OR would he want him dispatched without having to lift a finger? I think the latter is true.

Multiple Persons

Horcrux Theory

Numerous people have come up with the theory that Harry himself is a Horcrux. This is possible, however I do not want to think about it.  In this case it would mean Harry would have to die before Voldemorte was truely defeated. All the horcruxes must be destroyed to make Voldemorte mortal, therefore Harry would need to die first. Who would kill Voldemorte at that end?



Book 6 Chapter 12. Harry and Ron see Mundungus in Hogsmeade. He has stolen several objects from 12 Grimmauld Place. He may have taken the locket.  (This scene in the book is somewhat unecessary unless JKR has something up her sleeve.  She usually throws things like this into the books and I think secretly hopes we'll forget... then when it all comes together... be like, OH DUH! I should have seen that coming.)
Kreacher may have given it to Narcissa Malfoy or Bellatrix Lestrange
I give thought to both theories as definite possibilities. First off, Mundungus had a case full of Black family objects.  Secondly, when Kreacher took Sirius seriously(no pun intended) and got out of there in Book 5 for a brief period of time... he could have given it up then.


Horcrux Theory

Most unfortunately I must reference page 333 CoS:
"Voldemorte put a bit of himself in me?" Harry said thunderstruck.
"It certainly seems so." (Dumbledore)
Alas it isn't loking good for our hero!
Update: 2/2/06 I remembered that all of the Horcruxes that had been destroyed were th ring had a crack... Harry has a scar, so maybe it is not just a curse scar, maybe it means that Voldemorte may have transfered his soul, but it was also destroyed by the curse he casted.....


Dumbledore theory

I think dumbledore is dead.
But when snape was about to kill him harry was frozen, however when
dumbledore died the spell broke. What was that all about? I think that
when a wizard dies all ( or most of them), the spells a wizard had cast
will break. So my theory is that when harry kills voldemort all his
spells will break am every one he killed will come back to life.

              ---THAT OR---

Dumbeldore is NOT dead and he just undid the spell to free harry.
However the second theory does not explain how they put him in the
white tomb so i'm sticking with the first one.

By  M.M.M.

It is not the intention of this website to cause any harm to anyone or anything. All the information on this website is either opinion or has been acquired through different mediums of knowledge. In the latter case I have done my best to give recognition to each of them. This site is strictly fan based and does not have the intentions of selling anything. Thank You