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Fawkes' Perch
Magical Creatures
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Welcome To Care of Magical Creatures

As Hagrid is not available to give this information, I will have to do for now.  In this section you will find the names and descriptions of several Magical creatures. 



Acromantula- (Example: Aragog)
A monstrous 8-eyed spider capable of human speech.  Origin: Borneo, Color: Black, Size: Leg span of 15 feet. 
Not crazy enough to take a real Acromantula's picture

Not Actual Acromantula
Brazillian Black

A giant snake, capable of killing any who gaze into its eyes.  Bred by hatching a chicken egg beneathe a toad. Color: Green, Size: up to 50ft., Other Attributes: Venomous Fangs
It is impossible to take a decent picture of these

Artist rendering

With wings popular in Potion-making, it is important to know about these insects. Origin: Australia, Color: Sapphire blue, Size: 1/2 inch, Effects: If stung, giddiness and levitation will ensue. Prolonged exposure could cause permanent floating.
Too fast to get a non blurry photo

Artist rendering

Tree gaurdians peacable by nature. Made of Bark and twigs. Difficult to spot. Color: Brown, or the color of the tree it guards, Size: max. 8 inches, Origin: West of England, Southern Germany and Scandinavian Forests. if threatened, it will attempt to gouge the eyes of the threat with its twig-like fingers. 

Drawing by Lisa

Centaur (example: Firenze)
Although misguided Ministry Officials would like to think that these beings have less than human intelligence, this writer believes the contrary.  They are very mysterious. These beings are half man half horse. Their colors are varied. Believed Origin: Greece. Well versed in: Divination, magical healing, archery and astronomy.
Centaurs will not stand for picture taking.

Artist rendering

AKA the biting fairy. Human Bodied, but covered in black hair and has an extra pair of arms and legs.  Origin: Northern Europe and America.  Venomous Teeth are double rowed and very sharp.  If bitten, an antidote is required.

Courtesy: FBAWTFT(see bottom of page)

The Ministry of Magic has classified all dragons as wizard killers, non trainable.  There are a few different breeds. Sub categories to follow with breif descriptions of each breed.
*Antipodean Opaleye*Chinese Fireball*Common Welsh Green*Hebridean Black*Hungarian Horntail*Norwegian Ridgeback*Peruvian Vipertooth*ROmanian Longhorn*Swedish Short-Snout*Ukrainian Ironbelly*
Antipodean Opaleye
Origin: New Zealand, Size: Range 2-3 tonnes, Coloring: Iridescent, pearly scales. Eyes are pupil-less, multicolored and glittery. Valley dwellers. Produces a scarlet flame. Usually non agressive unless hungry.


Chinese Fireball
AKA Liondragon. Origin: China(orient), Coloring: Scarlet, smooth scaled, golden spikes encompass its face. Size: Ranges 2-4 tonnes. Name gained by the mushroom shaped flame that bursts from its nostrils when it is angry. Agressive species, known human eater.


Common Welsh Green
Origin: Welsh Mountain Regions. Color: Green. Attributes: Melodious roar, issues thin jets of fire.  Like the Opaleye it is non aggressive towards humans unless provaoked, and prefers to avoid them all together.


Hebridean Black
Origin: Britain. Color: Black, rough scaled, purple eyes, razor sharp ridges down its back. Size: 30 ft long. Other attributes: Tail tipped with an arrow shaped spike, and batlike wings. More aggressive than the welsh or opaleye, feeds primarily on deer. Known to have carried off dogs and cattle.

I realize the Spikes Don't match the description..
BUT, this will have to do

Hungarian Horntail
The MOST dangerous of all the dragon breeds. Origin: Hungary. Color: Black scales, lizard-like in appearance, yellow eyes, bronze horns, and similar spikes all along its tail. Other attributes: Firebreathing length of 50 feet, one of the longest ranges. Feeds on goats, sheep and when possible... humans.
Norwegian Ridgeback
Resemblent of the Horntail, though instead of a spiked tail, it sports prominent jet black ridges. Very aggressive to its own kind. One of the rarest breeds. It attacks large land mammals and water dwelling creatures(whale calves).
Peruvian Vipertooth
The smallest of all the breeds. Origin: Peru. Size: 15 ft in length. Color: Smooth scaled in copper with black ridge markings.  Other attributes: Short horns, venemous fangs, swiftest in flight of all flight dragons.  Feeds on goats and cows, but has a liking for the taste of humans. SO much so that the International Confederation of Wizards sent in exterminators to reduce the number of Vipertooth in the 19th century.
Romanian Longhorn
Origin: Hungary. Color: Dark Green with long glittering golden horns. The dragon uses its horns to gore its prey before it barbeque's it.  Due to the horns becoming Class B Tradeable material, the numbers of this breed have fallen dramatically.  The horns are used in potion making.
Swedish Short-Snout
Origin: Sweden. Color: Silvery Blue. The flame it issues is able to turn wood or bone to ash within seconds.  It prefers to live in uninhabited mountainous areas.
Ukrainian Ironbelly
Origin: The Ukraine. Color: Metallic Grey scales, and deep red eyes. Size: THe largest of all breeds weighing in at 6 tonnes. Other attributes: Capable of crushing dwellings that it lands on, Long vicious talons. After it carried off an empty sail boat in the Black Sea in 1799, the wizarding government of the Ukraine have kept a close eye on this breed.
Fairies are small decorative beasts with limited intelligence. THey are used or conjured for decoration by wizards and witches alike. They usually inhabit woodlands or glades. Size: Ranges from 1 to 5 inches. Humanoid in appearance, but has insect like wings. Has its own low grade magic. They are excessively vain. Not capable of speech, they communicate to eachother through high pitched buzzing noises.


Below pic may not be suitable for those under 13


Resembles a large tortoise but with a heavily jeweled shell. Origin: Fiji. Defense: Shoots flames from its behind when attacked. They are exported as pets but a special license it required.

Yeah yeah, this is a horrible example, but hey...


Thick brown worm that prefers to live in damp ditches. reaches up to 10 inches in length. Mucus is used in potions to thicken them.



An african bird who's plumage has been used for fancy quills. They come in a variety of colors: orange,pink,lime green or yellow.Its song can drive the listener to insanity eventually. Sold with a silencing charm which needs monthly reinforcement.

Not a tracing.
My interpretation of the Fwooper from FBAWTFT


Origin: Northern Europe and North America. Size: Up to 1 ft in height. Other attributes: Abnormally large head and boney feet. Commonly known as a garden pest which may be expelled from the garden it inhabits by swinging it in circles until it is dizzy, then plopping it over the garden wall.



Origin: Greece. THe Griffin has the front end(legs and head) of a giant Eagle, and the body of a Lion. They are like sphinxes in the case that they are used by wizards to guard treasures. A small group of skilled wizards have befriended these fierce beasts in the past.

A present given to me in Middle School
BY: Lua Walters. A great friend


Origin: lakes of Brittain and Ireland. A pale green water demon that feeds on small fish. This creature is aggressive towards wizards and Muggles alike. Merpeople, however have been known to domesticate them. Other attributes: Long fingers that exert a powerful grip, but are easily broken.



ORIGIN: Europe primarily, but found all over the world. This creature has the head and front legs of an eagle, and body/rear legs of a horse. Typically eats insects but will consume birds and small mammals.
When approaching a Hippogriff your should maintain eye contact. Bow to show good intentions. If the beast doesn't return your bow, back away. If it bows in return, it is safe to touch it.



Comes from Scandinavia, but is now found all over. It can cover an average garden in a matter of days. Rather than roots, it spreads sinewy tentales which search for its favorite food...earthworms. Gnomes love to eat horklumps. This garden pest has no other uses.

By: Lisa


This small plant emits a haze of spores if disturbed. The spores may cause dizziness, or blurred vision. Found in or around gardens. These spores may be collected for use in some potions.

By: Lisa



Unicorns are horse-like beasts with a long horn that protrudes from the center of the forehead. They are distrustful of men. THey prefer the touch of maidens. All White with Silver white hair.



Pegasus is a winged horse-like beast.  Mostly talked of in Greek and Roman Mythology. THey come in all sorts of colors, however the primary color they are pictured as is white. There have been many varitations of Pegasus drawings. Some show pegasus with a horn like a Unicorn.


Most information gathered here can be found in JK Rowlings book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

You can look into purchasing this book by clicking this link

It is not the intention of this website to cause any harm to anyone or anything. All the information on this website is either opinion or has been acquired through different mediums of knowledge. In the latter case I have done my best to give recognition to each of them. This site is strictly fan based and does not have the intentions of selling anything. Thank You